I recently received a rather inventive email from someone purporting to be affiliated with the new Libyan government. Here’s the pitch:

  1. The new Libyan government has funds but needs foreign companies to provide goods and services
  2. The new Libyan government has a new “preferred vendor” registration process that requires filing forms, paying a registration fee, etc.
  3. The person who contacted me claims that he’s very interested in our services, and that he would make an order once we have been verified.
  4. Fortunately, there is an expedited fee option…it’s just a little bit more money ($1,000 USD)
  5. If I wire the expedited fee to this man, he’ll get me an order as soon as next week.

Sounds almost real, doesn’t it? Too bad it’s total BS. Still, how many desperate small business owners would fall for this one? The idea of providing goods to a new government sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

As well all know (or should know), an email that asks you to wire money to a foreign country is a fake. Always. There’s also the fact that there is no “new government” as far as anyone knows…at this point, Libya is just a bunch of loosely aligned groups all in agreement that someone needs to lead. But who that will be is yet to be decided (read more about “new” Libya’s separate factions).

Anyways, watch out for Libyan email scammers.