June 17,2011 – As part of our pay-per-click ad management services, we help create and manage Facebook Ads campaigns. For the last couple of years (we ran our first Facebook ad campaign back in June 2008), we’ve been managing these campaigns directly on Facebook. While this isn’t a terrible way to go, it’s time consuming and very limiting when you’re trying to run a larger campaign with lots of different ad creative.

Last week, when faced with the prospect of manually creating dozens of ads on Facebook one-at-a-time, I decided to test a Facebook ad management tool called Keybroker Social. Here is a quick review of the Keybroker Social Facebook ad management tool.

Keybroker Social Facebook ad manager review

What It Does

Keybroker Social (which was recently known as Dryleaf Social) has listed off a handful of key benefits on the Facebook Ad Tools Vendor List that I’ll address one by one.

  • Keybroker Says: Fixed monthly subscription fee for Basic and Premium services, always with a free 30-day trial
  • Keybroker Says: No download or sign-up required, just log on with your Facebook account and go

True on both counts. I’m really impressed with the sign-up process, in fact. It’s an ‘app’ that connects to your profile and you’re good to go.

  • Keybroker Says: Efficiently build and publish your social campaign in minutes

“Efficient” is a relative term, isn’t it? Compared to manually entering ads, Keybroker’s tool is light-years ahead. However, it’s not as if Keybroker is fast. Let me tell you how I used it:

  1. I had 7 different headlines, 7 different lines of body text, 8 images, and 1 destination URL. Keybroker built 500+ ads for me in about 30 minutes.
  2. I had to edit all of the ads I created after I pressed “publish,” which meant that I spent more than an hour editing my ads in groups of 45 at a time. This is because – as of this review – Keybroker recommends that you edit fewer than 50 ads at one time.
  3. The edit process takes a while to complete – it’s as if Facebook’s API is only allowing one slow request at a time.

As I hinted, I suspect that Facebook’s API bears part of the blame for the lack of speed. Still…it’s not fast, and therefore not as efficient as I’d like it to be (but still better than manual entry).

  • Keybroker Says: Comprehensive campaign performance reporting

True – as comprehensive as you can get, assuming you utilize all the available features.

  • Keybroker Says: Export all your data to Excel
  • Keybroker Says: Make direct improvements to your campaigns and ads

True on both counts. You can really quickly zero in on a single ad in a specific campaign and make an edit. As for exporting data to Excel, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Facebook’s native reporting tool offers similar output, so I don’t think the Excel feature is as useful as it seems.

  • Keybroker Says: Bulk optimization – edit one or many ads at the same time with easy multi-edit feature

True, but you need to understand that ‘bulk’ editing is limited to 50 ads at a time. Also, this type of bulk editing is slower than you might expect.

  • Keybroker Says: Easy overview and management of multiple accounts


  • Keybroker Says: Built-in image library for all your favorite images

This is actually very cool – great little system for uploading images, then storing them for later use in their own folder.

  • Keybroker Says: Manage all demographic and geographic targeting options offered by Facebook
  • Keybroker Says: Get in-line feedback on the number of people matching your target profile
  • Keybroker Says: Drive traffic from your ads directly to your Facebook page, place, event, group and app

All true. Keybroker Social functions very much like Facebook’s built-in ad tool in this regard. Same type of targeting options, same type of feedback.

  • Keybroker Says: Create detailed targeting variants, like age buckets or interests, with no additional effort

This is, without a doubt, the 2nd most important reason to invest in a tool like Keybroker Social. Because the tool does everything for us, we can take our most successful ad creatives and then see how they perform across our audience. If you have enough budget and you’re smart with your optimization strategy, I think Keybroker (or any other type of similar tool) would pay for itself very, very quickly.

  • Keybroker Says: Track and optimize easily on all of your Facebook actions

I didn’t have a lot of data to mess with (the campaigns I tested didn’t have much social

  • Keybroker Says: Intuitive and fast user interface – try it on your iPad!

Undeniably, the interface is easy to use. I only referenced the help page once during my initial use of the product – very simple, very logical.

Additional Notes

Keybroker Social seems to pull ad stats faster than Facebook. On a newly launched campaign, I could see data via Keybroker Social that I couldn’t see right away on Facebook.

I uploaded hundreds of ads to Facebook that were all approved almost immediately…makes me think that Keybroker Social might be a great tool for affiliate marketers who struggle to get creative approval. Perhaps investing in a premium tool gives one the benefit of the doubt at Facebook ads HQ?

Keybroker Social Facebook Ad Manager – Pros and Cons


  1. Great time saver – manual ad entry is much, much slower.
  2. Ability to divide campaign targeting up into neat little demographic brackets makes fine-tuning ads by gender, age, etc. very simple.
  3. Easy to use, intuitive interface.
  4. Unlike all the other Facebook ad management services I looked at, Keybroker Social was the only one that was willing to give me full access to the tool without speaking with a sales rep. Also, their pricing was up-front and in my opinion very reasonable.


  1. It’s just not that fast. I think Facebook’s API is probably part of the problem, as the native Facebook ad tool runs slowly too. Still, if you’re hoping for something quick (like the Google AdWords Editor), you’ll be disappointed.
  2. The bulk editing feature isn’t as “bulk” as it could be – no more than 50 ads can be edited at one time. The bulk editing feature is also a lot slower than I’d like it to be.

Overall, if you have a large Facebook campaign you need to load or if you find yourself managing a lot of different campaigns, I’d recommend testing the Keybroker Social Facebook ad manager.