Internet Fundraiser Marketing Tip: Use A Thermometer


Have you ever been tasked with raising funds for your favorite school group, sports team, charity event, etc? If so, you know that it can be downright difficult to get donations.

While there’s lots of great advice on fundraising out there – not to mention long lists of fundraising ideas, clever tools, and dumb fundraising gimmicks – most fundraising experts will agree that visible monetary goals are important to your fundraiser’s success. Why else do you think all the telethons have those big counters in the middle of their set?

What you see to the right is what I hope to be one of the best free fundraising tools on the Internet – a fundraising thermometer.

Here’s what makes this thermometer so special:

  • It’s automatically updated. You just create it once, save your settings, and then put the code on your website. As you raise more money, you just go back to the thermometer page and update your progress…no need to replace code.
  • You can customize the text and title
  • You can customize the background color, thermometer fill color, and text color to match your website
  • It’s free

I’m proud to say that we developed this tool for, and we hope it helps you, your school, or your favorite charity hit their fundraising goals. Here are some more ideas for you…

Other Internet Fundraiser Marketing Tips

Create a fundraiser webpage on your site. A dedicated page is important because it gives you a link you and other people promoting the fundraiser can share, not to mention a one-stop-shop for people to learn about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, who you’re helping, etc. It’s an essential first step.

Use Facebook. It’s a great way to get people talking about your cause or group socially, and you don’t even need to spend any money to get going. Just ask your friends, group members, etc. to pass the word on to their friends.

Use eMail. Does your school or church have an email list? If so, sending out a very short email with a link to your fundraiser page is a great idea. If you don’t have an email list, start building one. Even if someone isn’t willing to donate this time around, ask them for permission to send them an email next time you’re doing a fundraiser (then send them an email confirming their interest).

Events work. Any sort of event – even something as simple as a hot dog cookout – is a good way to build some interest in your fundraiser, momentum among the people in your group, and maybe even generate some of that “buzz” people are always talking about.


  1. Can this thermometer be placed on the Facebook page and if so can it be updated?
    Also can you explain how to do this please?

  2. Jason Lancaster

    May 13, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Leaza – The thermometer design has changed – be sure to visit the original website to see what they have now.

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