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Real Estate Marketing Question: Why Print Flyers Without A Price?

My wife Sara and I are in the market for a home. We’ve just begun the process of searching Denver to find the right neighborhood, etc., and I’m pleased to say it’s been a fun process for both of us. However, for all you real estate brokers, agents, REALTORS®, and real estate marketing people, I have one question:

What is the point of offering a property flyer that doesn’t include an asking price?

Real estate flyer box

Why print a real estate flyer without a price?

Let me paint the picture: Sara and I are driving through a neighborhood we like, and we see a home for sale with a flyer box. Four or five times now, we’ve come across a home flyer that doesn’t have any pricing info. Why? Continue reading

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting – Worst WordPress Host Ever

In my day to day life, I’m pretty direct. However, when it comes to writing my company blog, I try to be diplomatic. After all, this post is going to live forever.

Still, I have no problem saying the following for all to hear: Yahoo small business web hosting is the worst WordPress hosting option I’ve ever worked with, not to mention the worst web hosting option I’ve worked on.

Why, do you ask, is Yahoo’s small business web hosting so terrible? Here’s a list: Continue reading

301 Redirect Header For an ASPX File

I spent some time searching for a code snippet today that would add a 301 redirect to an ASPX file. Since most of what I found was a little cryptic – and since the syntax was so different from one code sample to the next – I thought I would share the code snippet I found that worked. Continue reading – Great Way To Help and Nice Link Opp

Have you ever heard of micro-lending with The concept is small loans ($25) extended from one person to another, where the lender is someone like me and the borrower is a small business owner living in a so-called “developing” nation. I’ve been lending small amounts of money to people through since August, 2009, and here’s what I like about it: Continue reading

5 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2011

Here are my Internet marketing predictions for 2011. Continue reading

Rackspace Cloud Files for WordPress

How To Setup a Rackspace Cloud Files CDN for WordPress Using the W3 Total Cache Plugin

The video below is a quick run-through of the setup process – hopefully it’s detailed enough to be useful. If you have questions about the process please leave a comment.

If you want to know why you need a CDN for your WordPress website – or if you want to know what a Rackspace Cloud Files CDN is – read below.

First, for all you advanced WordPress users, here’s the how-to video to walk you through it:

Next, you might want some background on web hosting before reading up on the benefits of a CDN. Continue reading – Good or Evil?

I saw a post about while reading John Chow’s blog about 2 weeks ago. The concept behind MicroWorkers is really intriguing: Pay people a small fee to complete a small task.

For example, you can pay people to bookmark and/or submit a page to Digg, watch your videos and leave comments, review your product on, submit a “spontaneous” review on Yelp, etc. While most of the job opportunities I’ve seen on Microworkers contribute to web spam (or worse), some of them seem sort of “gray area” and borderline acceptable to me.

Continue reading

New Facebook Email Launches – Marketing Time!

A few months ago I wrote a rant about the supposed “death” of email, the focus of which was a Facebook employee who argued that email was going to disappear. Her rationale was that, because youngsters weren’t using email, email doesn’t have a future.

I argued that youngsters don’t use email because they don’t need it – without jobs or a wide circle of acquaintances, Facebook and text-message are probably adequate. I also argued that Facebook had better be less concerned about the future of email and more concerned with going the way of MySpace.

I find it funny that now, after pronouncing the death of email, Facebook is launching some sort of email solution today. While I’m a little irritated by the two-faced behavior, I think it’s a shrewd move. Facebook needs to give their youngest users a reason to stick around as they get older and enter the working world, and nothing has staying power like a free email account. Continue reading

Vertical Response File Uploading Problems? Here are some ideas…

If you’re a loyal Spork Marketing blog reader, you know how I feel about Vertical Response. It is, in a word, awesome.

NOTE: If you’re looking for Vertical Response file upload help, scroll down a little further.

Why I Like Vertical Response

First of all, I really like their self-service platform. It’s very easy to setup a campaign, upload my own email creative and/or use a provided template, and then integrate their “smart links” that allow readers to Forward to A Friend, View Hosted Version, etc.

Second, Continue reading

Must-See Denver Brewery Videos

OK Denver – three things:

1. The Great American Beer Festival is open – do you know your beer trivia yet? If not, you need to read up on your Colorado Beer Facts.

2. No one should plan on driving back from the GABF – at least not if they want to have any fun. So, if you’re attending the GABF, get yourself a hotel room, a designated driver, or plan on standing in line waiting for a cab when it’s time to go home.

3. You can’t call yourself a “Denverite” until you’ve raised a glass at our 10 Must-See Denver Breweries. Every one of these places are worth a visit, especially the Bull & Bush and the Dry Dock Brewing Co.

Why these two? Because they were the only breweries we contacted about our list who were smart kind enough to Continue reading