First, thank you for visiting my personal website! Whether you’re a friend, family member, client, or just a curious cyber-stalker, welcome!

Jason Lancaster

My Story:

I was born at a very young age in the late 70’s. For the first 20 years or so of my life, my greatest accomplishments were getting good grades and not doing anything stupid (and I have my parents to thank for both). In 1998, I started working in the car business while attending engineering school. In 2001, with a fancy engineering degree in my possession, I jumped into the retail auto industry with both feet.

A few years later, I exited the retail car business and entered the online marketing industry, and a short while later I founded Spork Marketing. Since that time I’ve been focused mostly on work, but I did manage to marry a wonderful woman (Sara Lancaster), adopt a beagle named Moe, and watch my wife bring two amazing kids into the world (Maggie and Fletcher).

If I had to list the highlights of my life, I’m happy to say most of them would have occurred in the last decade. I traveled to Asia and Central America, enjoyed an extended stay in NYC, enjoyed the growth of my business and my family, and feel more centered and content than ever.

Finally, if you read my blog, I hope you don’t take me too seriously. I sure don’t.