Anyone Pitching Journalists or Bloggers Should Be On Quora

I’m consistently amazed at how small Quora is – or at least how small it seems to be. When I use the site, I keep seeing the same small group of people answering questions in the topic areas that I’m interested in. To me, this is indicative of three things:

  1. The Internet is full of cool stuff, and it’s hard to know where to spend time
  2. Quora has a lot of room for growth
  3. Online marketing people (be they in PR, SEO, content, whatever) haven’t figured out how powerful Quora is

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The Great “Goal Setting” Lie

I’m going to take a break from marketing and talk about something sort of personal – specifically, why I believe that a lot of advice about “Goal Setting” is incorrect. If you’re not interested in my thoughts on goal setting, personal growth, etc., this is a blog post you’ll want to skip. Continue reading

Updated List Of Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Since we mostly develop search engine optimized websites powered by WordPress, I try to contribute to the WP community by sharing the lessons I’ve learned about the platform from time-to-time. Here’s my updated list of must-have WordPress plugins, along with a couple of notes for each one.

Post last updated September 2013.
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Sending Out Press Releases For Link Building Purposes? Meh

Once upon a time, sending out press releases via quality press release distribution systems (like MarketWired) was a decent link-building tactic. However, this tactic started to lose it’s punch about a year and a half ago. While it still has value – which I’ll outline below – I don’t recommend sending out press releases exclusively for link-building purposes.

However, syndicated press releases sent via edited distribution systems still do have some SEO value, especially if you can get some legitimate media response. Continue reading

Sorezki Linkr Review

UPDATE 10-16-12: Dana Raam at Sorezki has contacted me with some notes about our review. Read what she had to say after the jump.

I can’t remember exactly where I found out about Sorezki Linkr, but at first blush it seemed like the ideal tool for a small SEO firm like ours. Promising to place “high quality” links using professional link builders, Linkr appeared to be a great tool for expanding our throughput.

Sorezki Linkr review

A review of Sorezki's Linkr, a manual link building service

Unfortunately, my first impression was as good as it got. Here’s what I ordered, what Linkr gave me, and why I think this product is a bad deal. Continue reading

My Standard WordPress Troubleshooting Process

I keep reading that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, and while that stat isn’t too important by itself, it means that there are a very large number of plugins, code snippets, etc. available.

Of course, with all these different plugins and code tweaks there are compatibility issues…and most of the biggest WordPress problems we see related to compatibility. Here’s how we diagnose WordPress issues as well as some useful links. Continue reading

Why Buying Links Is Dangerous, and Poorly Targeted Link Buying Emails Are Stupid

I have a bad attitude about low quality SEO. I view it as one of the lowest forms of human behavior, mostly because I see this activity as undermining my profession. Therefore, I tend to respond to link buying requests pretty forcefully. A recent request sparked my interest, however, because it looks like something an SEO rookie might try and do. In an effort to help this person improve her process, I’m going to share her request with you, some pointers, and then my response.

Here’s the email I received:

Good Morning, We’ve recently reviewed your blog site and believe that your readers and visitors might be a possible advertising venue for us. Basically, we are potentially interested in a 250-500 word written article about our site, with a link using one of our keywords, posted on your main page permanently. Would you be willing to write the article about our site? We are willing to pay $25 for a 250 – 500 word article. Please let me know if this works for you.

We are serious buyers and we can pay via PayPal.

This is the site we are promoting: (link to site that sells motorcycle parts)

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Christine (last name redacted)

What follows of what this person did well and what they could have done much, much better. Continue reading

Lightbox 2 Script Tip – Images Appearing Outside of Visible Window Area?

If you’re using the Lightbox 2 javascript library and you’re finding that your images aren’t showing up in the visible area of the window – instead showing up below the portion of the page you’re viewing – then the problem might be that you haven’t declared a DOCTYPE. Continue reading

How Is Trading Stocks Considered Investment?

I’ve been chewing on the following question for a while, and I’m finally ready to put my thoughts out in the open:

How is trading stocks considered investment?

What follows is my attempt to answer this question. Continue reading

How Not to Request A Guest Blog Post – A Real Life Example

UPDATE: I was contacted by the company that sent the emails outlined below, and was informed that the person who contacted me was new. I was also offered a prompt apology. For that reason, I have removed the references to the individual and the company he works for from the post.

The following article is two parts: The first part is the story of how someone working on behalf of a well-known university went out of his way to insult and annoy me in the course of requesting I publish a guest post. The second part is the free marketing advice.

If you’re not interested in the story (and I don’t blame you if you’re not), feel free to skip to the marketing advice  in the “What We Can Learn From This Story” section. Continue reading